Touch Free Door Open & Unlock Technology.

AI powered touch free access control system:
No more touching keys, badges or fingerprint scanners ever again.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a major problem with hygiene, convenience and security with existing door access control systems

Virus spreading scenario Virus spreading scenario
Viruses survive on common surfaces for upto 9 days
Virus spreading scenario Virus spreading scenario
Fingerprint scanners have been disabled around the world
Virus spreading scenario Virus spreading scenario
Some viruses can last 28 days in low temperatures.
Virus spreading scenario Virus spreading scenario
Viruses can stay on door handles for an average of 4 to 5 days

The Future of Access Control is Here

Touch free contactless access control.
No more badges to carry, dirty fingerprints or keys to remember. Hygienic and touch free solution to combat spread of germs & diseases (think Coronavirus).

Highly accurate, state-of-the-art AI technology and proprietary facial recognition algorithm that makes your locks and doors more secure.

Intruder alerting to prevent unauthorized persons from sneaking in behind authorized personnel, reducing chances of undetected tailgating.

DIY Self Registration

A powerful feature unique to Faceopen is the ability for guests and new personnel to register their facial ID on or offsite conveniently through the comfort of their mobile phone. This permits a seamless and hassle-free entry on the day of visit.

Patent pending | State of the art

Facial Recognition Algorithm

Our proprietary and powerful biometric-based user identification system is built on artificial intelligence technologies such as image recognition, deep neural networks, and robotic process automation. This allows each Faceopen system to evolve with every regular user interaction, enabling adaptability in different environments and conditions.

facial recognition process

Spoof Detection

Faceopen is designed to prevent face spoofing. Our 3D face liveness detection technique powered by artificial intelligence rejects printed photographs or images shown on digital devices, reducing security threats and the risk of unauthorized entry.

facial recognition process

Product Specifications

Mount Anywhere

Faceopen offers flexible accessories, providing limitless mounting capabilities whether on walls made of wood, glass, etc.

Glass Mount | Wall Mount

Friendly & Interactive Display

Faceopen’s 10 inch multi-touchscreen, high-definition display acts as a virtual assistant to warmly welcome and greet users with their name.

12.8 x 2.4 x 6.7 inches | 2.87 lbs | 10.5 inch display | 1280 x 720p video | 850 nm LED night vision

Superior Camera Quality

Our product uses an advanced 3D camera designed to protect against spoofing through utilizing depth analysis which isn’t found in printed or digital photographs. The technology adapts to changes in your appearance like facial hair or make-up and works with hats, glasses and contact lenses.

Wide Angle View

Most facial access control devices are limited to recognizing one face at a time, however Faceopen is designed to cover a large field of view that identifies multiple people at the same.

| 65º x 40º x 77º field of view |

Compatible With All Locks

No matter what type of lock you have, Faceopen can integrate with your existing door lock system such as:

Electric Strike | Magnetic Locks | Deadbolt Locks

Install Anywhere

Faceopen can be installed on almost any surface, and easily integrates with existing locks & building management systems. Built for commercial spaces, Faceopen is the perfect accessory for added security and reliability.

At The Office

At The Office

Traditional keycards and fingerprint scanners are unhygienic, require high admin costs and can result in security breaches. Prevent unauthorized guests, deferred check-in and unorganized entry.

At the Warehouse

At the Warehouse

Protect your high value goods, avoid key duplication and single key holder dependency. Allow off peak hour access from our all-in-one facility management system.

At the Data Center

At the Data Center

Prevent unauthorized guest entry, avoid single key holder dependency and provide DIY self registration for new users and guests (maintainence, tech support, etc.)

Built for commercial spaces

Defined and dynamic access

A single access control center to dynamically grant and revoke access privileges in real time to specific doors and entry points.

Customizable Off-Peak access

Employees can be granted flexible, off-peak access including nights and weekends.

Digital Registration

Regular clients can benefit from cloud access, more sensitive customers can control on-Prem & cloud access or authorization per regulations.